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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [IMP] building Xalan (was: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 28032])
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 13:21:06 GMT
Antonio Gallardo <agallardo <at>> writes:

> I think there can be far more posible combinations since there are more
> than 2 version for each jar. But this is OT.

*argh* But not at build time of Xalan jar. There you have 3 jars, exactly one
version of each and you can either include or exclude each of them. So please
don't make me angry ;-)

> > Therefore I only asked for
> >
> > - either "build unbundledjar" + adding java-cup.jar to our CVS
> -1 As you posted it encrease the complexity without any valid reason.

I thought that this version is even less "complex" for the committer and should
not be of interest for the user.

> > - or "build jar" + removing the bcel and regexp stuff out of it (pre:
> > modify
> > build.xml, post: remove bcel/regexp by hand after the jar has been
> > created)
> This is good, because we uses the Apache jars in other blocks (not only in
> xalan) and by unbundled it from xalan we can choose the version we need.

I don't know if you got the point: bcel and regexp are neither included in the
above solution, so at the end the xalan.jar is the same. The question is only
about how to get this jar. And therefore the first way including java-cup.jar in
our CVS and generate the clean xalan jar seems to be the better (because
simpler) variant to me.

> BTW, inside the last posted xalan.jar there are still 4 files:
> Also inside the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF there is the info about this 2
> removed Apache libs too. IMHO this is not too important, but will be fine
> to end the job. 

Hmm, yes, another negative effect of doing this by hand and an argument for
solution 1.


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