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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [IMP] building Xalan (was: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 28032])
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 12:25:31 GMT
Antonio Gallardo <agallardo <at>> writes:

> > Therefore I recommended to use target "unbundledjar" as this builds a clean
> > jar. Unfortunately this breaks XSLTC as Java CUP Runtime classes are missing.
> > Now we can add this JAR (
> > ourselves or modify the Xalan build system locally: There is a target
> > "xsltc.copy-deps-jars" where I uncommented the antcall to target
> > "xsltc.copy-deps-jar" for bcel and regexp.
> > This jar is now working for me. I will commit it.
> Great work! I think we can request a new target: "unbundled just Apache
> libs" to the Xalan project.

I would not like it as part of Xalan community. At the moment there are 3 jars
to be included or not. At the end you can provide 2^3=8 targets for all
different combinations of include the one or the other or not. IMO that's

Therefore I only asked for

- either "build unbundledjar" + adding java-cup.jar to our CVS

- or "build jar" + removing the bcel and regexp stuff out of it (pre: modify
build.xml, post: remove bcel/regexp by hand after the jar has been created)


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