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From Olivier Billard <>
Subject [XSP] Bug in the XSLT processor cache ?
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2004 11:39:38 GMT
Hi cocooners !

I have a really annoying problem with the cache of the XSLT processors, 
and someone also [1], with the 2.1.4.

When the use-store option is set to "true" for XSLT processors, an XSP 
compilation error, occurs when trying to access the XSP many times 
during the compilation. The problem occurs when the XSP has many 
dependencies over some logicsheets, these logicsheets having also 
dependencies over others (no cycle). For me the request logicsheet is 
not processed, and xsp-request tags are present in the Java code, 
causing the compilation error.

Apparently (I cannot reproduce it systematically, so I didn't manage to 
successfully do it), switching the use-store to "false" resolves the pb 
(see [1]).

Is this a known bug ? Is there any patch available ?

Thanks for any hint !


Olivier Billard

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