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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: Binary release? (was Re: [vote] Versioning Guide)
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2004 09:49:20 GMT
Marc Portier wrote: 
> Upayavira wrote:
> > Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> > 
> >> Marc Portier wrote:
> >>  
> >>
> >>> - I would like us to make binaries again somewhere soon. 
> Apart from 
> >>> the outcome of that discussion I find it odd to use the way we 
> >>> distribute as an argument for anything mentioned here, no?
> >>>   
> >>
> >> I guess as soon as we have real blocks we can switch to binary 
> >> releases again if we want. But the reasons for recompiling are of 
> >> course still valid.
> >>
> > No, these reasons aren't valid. In fact, I don't believe they ever 
> > were valid.
> > 
> there is a bit too much double negations for me to still 
> grasp what is being said...
> my opinion:
> - recompiliation of your own extension code (not of cocoon)  
> _is_ sensible with new releases of cocoon (regardless of how that is
> distributed) for only one reason:  Even if we guarantee 
> extension compatibility the compilation will yield 
> deprecation warnings and signal where changes are to be foreseen.
> > We need a 'build' process, but not necessarily a 
> 'compilation' process.
> > 
> with 'we', you refer to cocoon application builders, right?
> (not the cocoon-dev group here)
> I agree.
As an application builder I don't agree :)

You have these dump JDK incompatibilities (like you have in the famous
StringBuffer). So, if you compile Cocoon with JDK 1.4 in 1.3 compatible
mode, it's not 100% guaranteed that it will run on JDK 1.3 because
of the incompatible changes!
But on the other hand, if you're using JDK 1.4, you want to compile
*everything* you can with 1.4. 
So what binary versions do you want to ship in the release? If you
compile with 1.3, everyone using 1.4 is annoyed. And vice versa.
And if 1.5 is available this will not get better I guess.

So, in the end as an application builder I personally don't need binary

I see only a reason for binary releases: demoing (does this word exist?)
Cocoon, so you simply download a binary war file, drop it into your
webapp and see what Cocoon can do for you.

Just my five euros :)


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