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From leo leonid <>
Subject Re: [cforms] widget values: set, get, validate, readfromrequest, parse, fireEvents,... generateSAXEvent
Date Fri, 09 Apr 2004 19:34:44 GMT

On Apr 8, 2004, at 8:54 AM, Marc Portier wrote:

> Hi there,
> just found a small glitch in the aggregate-binding which is somewhat 
> related to a broader discussion IMHO
> (yeah, I know its related to the bug we closed only yesterday, just 
> that I found out a nicer test after that)
> [just an apetizer]
> The context under which I found the issue:
> - definition holds an aggregate-widget (stolen from the aggregate 
> binding sample from Vadim) the thing has:

Thanks for pointing this out. I ran into the same problems, but lacking 
the proof, I assumed the problem must be my limited understanding of 
cforms, as it is usual the case, and potentially with this one, too:

Well, apart from those datatype conversion issues, I'm malcontent with 
current aggregatefield and its widgets. Strictly speaking its the  
<ft:aggregate-widget/> that is IMHO insufficient conclusive. Since 
there was aggregatefield widget, "used to edit the value of multiple 
fields through one textbox" [wiki], I never considered it not complete 
without it's complementary widget.

Then the aggregate-widget have been introduced, and even though it's 
misleading name, I expected it to fill the gap, say, it could be "used 
to edit the value of one textbox through multiple fields". Partly it 
does it, but to notice some of it's shortcomings, consider the 
following use case: you need way to input for a 16 digit credit card 
number that needs to be validated in multiple respects (required, 
number, mod10), very similar to the one in the form1 sample, but 
different in the way you present the form to the user. Cause you want 
to ease correctly composing such a long number by splitting it up to 4 
fields, 4 digits each, that then gets reassembled and validated.
But where I expected to get the validation errors assembled in a way as 
well, they just get lost, due to the widget replacement (of 
<ft:aggregate-widget id="visa">), hmmm, unsatisfying. (or do I get the 
whole thing totally wrong?)


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