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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: excluding unstable blocks by default
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 20:19:38 GMT
Il giorno 01/apr/04, alle 21:54, Marc Portier ha scritto:

> I'm +1 on excluding deprecated as well as the unstable ones
> some argumentation:
> - more importantly I think trimming down cocoon will prepare our 
> userbase for what is to come with the real blocks.  Obliging them 
> already today to actively select some blocks will lower the surprise 
> for a setup where they will almost certainly will need to do that?
User: "What do you mean, I have to _compile_ this stuff? Can't you 
provide a binary distribution?"

Developer: "Trust me, it's better this way, just run 'build'".

User: (compiles) ...

User: "Hey where's that incredible new gizmo I read about in that 

Developer: "Er, you have to enable it in the build properties file, 
don't forget to make a local copy of it, the run 'build clean' (just in 
case) and 'build' again"

User: "Is my time worth it?"

Developer: "Trust me, when we have REAL blocks, you can have your cake 
and eat it too".



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