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From "Leszek Gawron" <>
Subject RE: generator type value substitution
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2004 14:53:57 GMT
> What you do is:
> * forward the request to a flow function
> * That function instantiates a java bean object, and calls methods on it
> to get data into it
> * Then call cocoon.sendPage, calling a pipeline that begins with a
> JXTemplateGenerator, and passing it the javabean object, which'll be
> available to JXTemplateGenerator
> * In the JXTemplateGenerator, you can interrogate your javabean in many
> ways, e.g. with <jx:for> or <jx:if>, and accessing bits of your java
> beans with either JEXL or JXPATH, so maybe
> #{/bean/services/first/address/postalcode}.
> That's how I would do it these days.
This is also how I do it in standard web apps. But the performance is a great
issue here. Creating 10k JavaBeans, keeping them in memory and than processing
by JXTG is very memory and time consuming.


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