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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Serializers issues...
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 16:00:24 GMT
On 20 Apr 2004, at 16:12, Steve Krulewitz wrote:

> Hi Pier --
> Pier Fumagalli wrote:
>> I basically fixed the GARBAGE serializers to work now cleanly as  
>> cocoon serializers, simple job, but as far as we could see, the new  
>> ones work much _MUCH_ better than Xalan's own (they might be slower,  
>> but they're more compliant).
> I've been using your XHTMLSerializer as a Cocoon serializer for a  
> little while now on the project I'm developing, and I can report that  
> it has been working very well (although I have not yet tested it in  
> production).  Since I am very concerned with the way the XHTML looks,  
> I added the following features to the XHTMLSerializer and  
> XMLSerializer:
> - Option to omit xml declaration

Nice feature!

> - Option to omit xml namespace declaration

That's absolutely brillant...

> - Option to omit meta tag

Hehehe! :-) I think you noticed the same one I did: 

That "meta" tag scares me, as it assumes that the content is serialized  
in XHTML with UTF-8

> - Explicitly set which namespaces are declared on the root element,  
> and prevent these namepsaces from being declared later in the  
> document.

Oh, that's pretty! :-)

> - Option to declare other namespaces
> - Intending, including the ability to indent some elements, and put a  
> break after some elements.  This lets you have a document that looks  
> like:
> <html>
> <head>
>   <title>this is the title</title>
> </head>
> <body>
>   <div>
>     <p>a paragraph</p>
>   </div>
> </body>
> </html>
> I would also like to do some work with whitespace minimization, but  
> haven't really looked into it yet.

You might want to specialize the HTML serializer to strip the unneded  
whitespace and re-indent it "nicely", kinda like a very pretty-printer  

> - Option to enable compatibility mode as described in:
> This determines the treatment of empty elements that are not declared  
> as EMPTY, as you already implemented.  It would be nice to extend this  
> to include all of the compatibility guidelines.  I also tried  
> implementing an "auto" mode that could detect if compatible content  
> should be served (e.g. if the browser is IE), but could not figure out  
> how to 1) read the User-Agent in the serializer, or 2) change the  
> content type of the response on a per-request basis.


> To make a Cocoon serializer out of the XHTMLSerializer, I took the  
> simple solution and just wrapped it around a new AbstractSerializer  
> subclass.  There probably is a better way.

I removed some of the methods (setOutput, getContentType) and replaced  
them with the Cocoon's own, (getMimeType, setOutputStream, ...) and  
implented the configurable interface for the encoding...

Two hours work, but working...

Also, I've changed the package to be  
and cleaned up the code a bit... Included them into a nice block with  
simple configurations (it automatically puts them into the root  
sitemap, now), and as you might have noticed, added a number of extra  
charset encoders for more i18n support (those are automagically  
generated, so, it's no biggie).

> You are absolutely welcome to all of this code that I have added  
> (there really wasn't much added thanks to your clean design).  I was  
> planning on cleaning this up and offering it back to the community,  
> but I have not had the time.

That's great to hear! :-) If you could include your changes once I put  
them in CVS it would be absolutely fantastic... You might have to do a  
little bit of mangling including them as a couple of methods have  
changed (and maybe a direct patch of the source might fail) but my  
changes were so trivial that the core bulk of the entire design is  
still there, untouched.


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