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From leo leonid <>
Subject Re: Modular database component
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 14:05:33 GMT

On Apr 19, 2004, at 4:49 PM, Reinhard Poetz wrote:

> leo leonid wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> just curious, did ever someone in cocoonland, except me, use the 
>> SQL-Maps and DAO-Framework from ibatis ( ). This is 
>> from where Chris borrowed the Petstore sample, that he ported to 
>> flow. And that was the simple reason why I hit upon these tools, that 
>> I use since, contently.
>> I never tried something similar before and since, so I can't rate it, 
>> or even compare it, with the tools you use (Hibernate OJB,..)  so, 
>> comments would be very appreciated.
>> For training with these tools, I half backported the petstore flow 
>> sample, so that it uses flow only for controller things, but leaving 
>> all business logic under the responsibility of SQL-Maps/DAO. If there 
>> is an interest, I could finish and contribute this alternative 
>> petstore sample.
>> /leo
> Basically it sounds interessting. But before we add support for 
> another alternative accessing DBs in Cocoon we should discuss which 
> alternatives *we* recommend and which not. (more on this you can find 
> in the "Modular database component" thread)
> -- 
> Reinhard

some of *you* (developers [correct me if I misinterpret your *we*) 
seems to underestimate the users. Referring to Geoff's last post, you 
can assume, that people coming from the LAMP World (like me, with 
P=Perl) have already good reasons to do this effort. Your major concern 
seems to be that flow could be 'abused', precluding that a user could 
realize a misuse by himself. Since I use flow, I wrote more java 
classes than ever before. Whereas it may be unrealistic to expect a new 
users to start with writing new generators, transformers or actions, it 
is very likely that he starts scripting, but very soon sees the need of 
a more typesave model, and thereupon voluntarily starts refactoring his 
overcharged scripts, writing simple java beans, which he can address in 
almost the same way as his former javascript objects. It is an 
incremental process, where best practice advices are more valuable than 
exclusion of 'abuse'.

Back to my original concern, I didn't want promote just another O/R 
tool. As I stated before, it is the only one I'm experienced with, and 
I'm just curious how it compares with others. It is obvious that cocoon 
lacks a solution here, but maybe this thread brings us a step nearer in 
such a way.


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