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From "Corin Moss" <>
Subject RE: [RT] - XUL revisited....
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 23:24:53 GMT


Our internal content management system - incorporating Web, Teletext and
(shortly) on-air TV systems uses XUL as a rich interface.  Basically our
user requirements meant that a flat web-based CMS wasn't suitable.  And
I was loathe to go forward with an HTML / Javascript based rich
interface.  We make extensive use of XUL trees and RDF templates, and a
lot of our functionality is drag and drop based. All the RDF is created
(of course) by Cocoon The really interesting thing about our system is
that we also incorporate a legacy ActiveX OCX - using a Moz activex
container (

We're using Firefox as our XUL browser.

I won't say it was all plain sailing - but what we've ended up with is
an incredibly rich, powerful interface, which is really dead easy to
maintain.  Things like context-menus are really non-trivial with HTML.
With XUL it's very much business as usual ;)  One of the biggest
advantages we're getting is asynchronous processing within the client.
For example, in an html model if a particular operation is expensive on
the server side, the time taken to process is (usually) directly fed
back to the user in terms of page response times.  In a XUL model, you
can use observers etc to ensure that the user can go on un-interrupted,
and still ensure that responses are fed back to them as available.

As you can probably tell - this is a tech which is fairly dear to my
heart, feel free to ask more detailed questions if you'd like :)


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From: Joerg Heinicke []
Sent: Wednesday, 7 April 2004 11:00 a.m.
Subject: Re: [RT] - XUL revisited....

Hello Corin,

I would be really interested what means "XUL in production" for your
company. We have created a remote web application with XUL almost a year

The mentioned URL is no longer online as the company is dead. The
application and me are now at another company. I know the application is

still in live use, but I don't know really the current status.


On 05.04.2004 23:42, Corin Moss wrote:

> Hiya,
> +++++++1
> I can't quite say how many plus ones the idea of XUL support from
> Cforms gets from me.  As I mentioned earlier, we've been using XUL in
> production to drive a web based GUI for a couple of months now.  The
> feature set we get is just amazing.  The other interesting thing, in
> relation to Luke's point is that there is actually a flash based XUL
> engine - meaning that those 98% could still make use of the XUL.  It's

> not fully featured yet, and does carry a non OSS license with it - but

> bear it in mind:
> The other thing to consider here is *shudder* Longhorn.   M'soft have
> made it very clear that their next gen GUI interface will be based
> around a beast incredibly similar to XUL.  If we start with XUL
> support now, adapting a Longhorn interface also becomes fairly
> trivial.
> I'm willing to help in any XUL development exercise.
> Corin

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