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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject RE: Continue Development of 2.1.x
Date Sun, 18 Apr 2004 09:29:47 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler dijo:
> Antoni Gallardo wrote:
>> Ralph Goers dijo:
>> > It is highly unlikely that the project I am working on will
>> use 2.2 as
>> > we have to be in production early next year and a
>> significant amount
>> > of work has already been done.
>> >
>> > I am very much in favor of continuing to add new features
>> to 2.1 (such
>> > as the patch I just submitted), especially when they are completely
>> > binary compatible.  I believe 2.1 has a long life ahead of it.
>> >
>> > Frankly, I'd prefer that the current 2.2 become 3.0 and the
>> > incompatible changes go into a new 2.2.  It is my
>> impression that what
>> > is now in 2.2 is going to end up being quite different from 2.1 and
>> > that it should not just be a point release.  This would allow me to
>> > migrate to stay on 2.1 and maintain binary compatibility,
>> move to 2.2
>> > at the risk of minor incompatibilities, or move up to 3.0
>> where major
>> > differences happen.  I realize there is a risk with this, as nobody
>> > really likes to maintain two releases at one time, so 2.1
>> is likely to stagnate.
>> Same here. A question (just trying to understand): that means
>> we can also drop the support for old avalon components in
>> 3.0. Is this correct?
> We *could* do this, but I hope we will not :) Given the discussions
> about blocks here and the recent discussions over at Avalon I could
> imagine that we don't have to drop the support. But I think, we
> should simply try to support them and if it's not possible, well
> for a 3.0 we could drop it.

Thanks for the answer. It is fair to me. Note, we don't use customized
components at all. We try to use what is in Cocoon. No matter how dificult
it is some times. We have bad experiences about customized code that don't
work later because the rules changed. And refactoring start and... try to
keep on... it is a well know story.

Since I understand that. I will stand on the side of people trying to have
the Avalon support as long as is posible. So, here is my vote to your


Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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