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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: build failed on JavaFlow in current CVS HEAD
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2004 12:54:06 GMT wrote:

> Thanks, that solved the problem.
> Why on earth does it make a difference where a jar is located? :-(
> Bye, Helma

Because the way the JVM loads classes is different. /lib/endorsed is the 
first place the JVM looks for stuff, this was done to allow people to 
have newer versions of the libraries that are shipped with the JVM (like 
Xerces, for example)

I agree it's a massive hack and a real problem.

BTW, this seems to show that you have another BCEL version in your 
classpath and that the cocoon build system is picking up that one 
instead of the one that cocoon itself ships. Moving it into 'endorsed' 
make the JVM load classes from this version rather than your own.

You might want to consider cleaning up your classpath: it is a very bad 
idea to fix your classpath in your environment (or to put stuff in the 
lib/ext or lib/endorsed path of your JVM) Much better to fix the paths 
in script files that invoke the JVM.

I'm always amazed by how elegant the classloading mechanism in java is 
and how poor its core implementation (using classpaths and stupid 
locations like lib/ext and lib/endorsed), it's clear that different 
people worked on it. The first was a group of smart people, the other 
was a bunch of idiots that though that you only needed one JVM on your 
machine at any given time.



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