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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Datasource bug or javadoc error ?
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2004 21:40:04 GMT
Olivier Billard wrote:

> Hi Cocooners,
> It may more suit for the avalon list, but since the most of the use is 
> in cocoon (I guess), maybe you experimented my pb.
> In the ResourceLimitingJdbcDataSource, used by default as 
> DataSourceComponent in Cocoon, it is said for the auto-commit conf :
> "The auto-commit attribute is used to determine the default 
> auto-commit mode for the Connections returned by this DataSource."
> So for me, when I get a connection via datasource.getConnection(), if 
> I set auto-commit="true" in the datasource conf, the connection that I 
> get has the autocommit to "true".
> "Eh bé non !" (damned)
> The autocommit is only set when a new instance is created by the 
> connection factory, and never later...
> So if you get a first connection, its autocommit is set to the value 
> you put in the datasource conf, but if a connection having an 
> autocommit to "false" returns to the pool, the next connection you'll 
> get will have a "false" autocommit, and not the value you set in the 
> datasource conf...
> Is there a thing that misunderstood, or is this a bug ?

It definitely looks more like a bug than a feature...


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