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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: cforms: events on widget instances
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2004 21:39:27 GMT
Bruno Dumon wrote:

>I've just added the instance based event listeners. You can both add and
>remove them.
>Following table summarizes the current event situation, see below for
>more info.
>                    valuechanged   action
>field                   Y           N/A
>multivaluefield         (*)         N/A
>booleanfield            Y           N/A
>repeater                N/A         N/A
>output                  N/A         N/A
>submit                  N/A         Y
>action                  N/A         Y
>repeater-action         N/A         Y
>row-action              N/A         Y
>aggregatefield          (**)        N/A
>upload                  N/A         N/A
>messages                N/A         N/A
>N/A means not applicable
>For those events where Y (yes) is mentioned, they are supported both in
>the definition and the instance.

I'd like to add "action" on every widget where a @submit-on-change makes 
sense (field, booleanfield, multivaluefield, upload). This would allow 
to have some specific event-handling related to the fact that the widget 
was activated, regardless if its value changed or not.

>And then the special cases:
>(*) multivaluefield: the builder happily builds the listeners, but
>multivaluefield seems to nowhere create events. So I haven't added
>instance-based event listeners on that widget either. -> solution I see
>is to add full support for value changed events to this widget.
>(**) aggregatefield: the definition and definition builder don't support
>value changed events, and events are hence also nowhere created, but
>since the instance class extends from Field it automatically has the
>possibility to add instance-level event listeners (but they won't ever
>be called) -> solution: unsure. Is it possible/meaningful to support
>value changed listeners on this widget? Volunteers?
>                           - o -
>And now the practical side: example usage in flowscript:
>form.getWidget("test").addActionListener(newActionListener(function(event) {
>        print("hi there");
>where the newActionListener function is as follows:
>function newActionListener(listenerFunction) {
>    var listener = {actionPerformed: listenerFunction };
>    var adapter = new
>    return adapter;
>Question: do we add these newActionListener and newValueChangedListener
>functions to the (javascript) form object, or as separate functions next
>to it?

It could also be an additional method of ScriptableWidget, which would 
take care of the adaptation.


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