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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: WidgetValidators: do they need FormContext?
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2004 21:35:04 GMT
Bruno Dumon wrote:

>On Tue, 2004-04-27 at 13:21, Marc Portier wrote:
>>Bruno Dumon wrote:
>>>I was just looking at adding widget validators on widget instances and
>>>found it's already there. Cool :-)
>>>Still a question about the WidgetValidator interface:
>>>public interface WidgetValidator {
>>>    boolean validate(Widget widget, FormContext context);
>>>will a validator ever need the FormContext object?
>>I had the same question popin' up when looking at validate(FormContext) 
>>on widget.. only thing I could imagine was that it might be useful to 
>>have access to the Locale?
>the Locale shouldn't even be needed.
>Just found a possible reason: until recently the flowcontext, which is
>passed on to the javascript validator snippets, was passed on via the
>request object. Now that's done via the objectModel so at least for that
>purpose it's not needed anymore. (and I've made the listenerbuilders
>into 'real' avalon components so they could get it via contextualize as

Cool job! We can get rid of these ugly CocoonComponentManager hacks.

>>And I would need to take a deeper look but probably one could (today) 
>>obtain the same through widget.getFormDefinition().getLocale()
>typo: getForm() instead of getFormDefinition()
>I think we should keep that method for internal purposes only (I would
>make that method protected). Normally the locale is only needed during
>the readFromRequest/conversion cycle, but because that conversion is now
>sometimes delayed till the getValue, the locale needs to be stored as
>well. (I know you know that, just mentioning it for the audience)

I was about to propose to not only remove FormContext from validate 
(it's useless), but also to remove FormContext completely.

Don't yell at me right now. Read on ;-)

Remember those discussions we had last august about request adapters [1] 
which turned out to be actually environment adapters [2]? Using a 
LocaleAdapter would allow us to finally use *the* location where we 
naturally can get it: request.getLocale().

It's just a matter of writing a RequestWrapper that returns the locale 
accordingly to the browser/cookie/session-attr scheme we have today, and 
we can stop worrying about these locale that have to be passed around in 
the code and these {lang} everywhere in the sitemap.


>>this assumes that validation is called after readFromRequest() (no pro) 
>>but would also assume that if validation needs to happen after binding 
>>(doesn't ATM) this locale on form should be set

You shouldn't need the locale to validate after a setValue, since the 
value is locale-independent (it's the convetor's job).



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