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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Modular database component
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2004 20:35:43 GMT
On 20.04.2004 07:49, Reinhard Poetz wrote:

>>> Following this I don't see the need for
>>> a. calling DB from within Flowscripts
>> You mean direct JDBC? Hmm.. I don't like the idea, but here Groovy can
>> take the role a lot better than Javascript. Note, Groovy has built in SQL
>> support and that is good.

 From Antonio's comment I guess he just misread your comment. To restate 
it: Reinhard does not want flow scripts calling DB.

> Yes, I don't like the idea too. It's good for prototyping but I wouldn't 
> write my applications with direct DB calls from within the flow layer. I 
> don't want direct DB calls from within Groovy as Flow language *also* 
> because this mixes concerns!!!

Same here. DB should not be called from flow script - neither JavaScript 
nor Groovy nor XYZ. The thing is about page flow.

>>> b. code CRUD in templates (Groovy, JXTemplate, ...) and XSP
>> I will use this combination for (2) it is more powerful than the 
>> proposed.
>> Also note, JXTG is useful in combination with CForms. It allow you to 
>> easy
>> make a dynamic listbox or show a simple list report for users. It is
>> really useful have JXTG at hand.
> I really like JXTG but for now it has *no* direct DB access. You have to 
> pass the objects to the pipeline within cocoon.sendPage*() and this is 
> good!

Same here again. I wonder why templating languages shall be featured up 
with db access.

> What I want to tell all users clearly is that they should avoid writing 
> SQL-statements. Integrating SQL in applications is the start of a 
> maintainence nightmare and IMHO we should clearly warn them using XSP, 
> Groovy or any other templating system requiring you to write SQL *into* 
> the code. Once again, I really like e.g. JXTG but it should *never* 
> contain SQL statements. IMO the same is true for Groovy scripts.

+1 (to avoid writing "same here" again :) )


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