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From Guido Casper <>
Subject Re: Modular database component
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 18:40:58 GMT
Antonio Gallardo wrote:

> Tony Collen dijo:
>>Hmm, how hard would it be to come up with some sort of Avalon component
>>that wraps OJB's PersistenceManager?  Or would we not even have to use
>>it as an Avalon component if we can just directly get a
>>PersistenceManager instance?
>>I would wager that if we had easy access to the PersistenceManager (or
>>other similar things) in Flow, that could easily cover 80% of the use
> Yep. We can get OJB components outside Avalon. We are doing this too now.
> The remain question is to delete the OJB block or let it live to show
> users how they can use it.

+1 to let it live as a lightweight block. If O/R-mapping is our 
recommendation for enterprise level requirements, we should at least 
have some demonstrating samples (maybe these shouldn't be JDO-based? I 
didn't know that OJB has that many options). Over time it might evolve 
into something more "flowscript-supportive".


Guido Casper
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