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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: CalendarGenerator enhancement suggestion.
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 13:18:37 GMT
roy huang wrote:
> Hi,ugo:
>   I checked CalendarGenerator today and thought about how it can be used.I was a Lotus
Notes programmer,there's a kind of calendar view in Notes.We like to display meetings,arrangements(scheduling
stuffs) in this kind of view.Today I check http://localhost:8888/samples/cal ,it looks almost
the same to Notes's calendar view,but only month.
>   That's my suggestions:
>   1.provide parameter "type",the type can be:
>     a.year
>     b.month(default,like now)
>     c.two weeks
>     d.week
> day(week without Saturday and Sunday)
>     f.two day
>    provide the dates before the first day of the month and the dates after the last day
of the month if they are in the same week.
>   3.provide an example to display information in the calendar view.

I think yours are sensible suggestions, but I don't think I'm going to
implement any of them any time soon, except maybe number 3. It would be
nice if you could provide some code... ;-).

Another feature might be:

4. Output an element containing the (suitably internationalized) names
of the weekdays to use as column headings.

By the way, I wasn't even aware of the ML thread you have mentioned when
I started writing the CalendarGenerator (maybe I should start monitoring
the users' list more carefully). I just needed a monthly calendar
suitable for a blog or news site, so I did "The Simplest Possible Thing
That Might Work" (TM).


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