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From Leon Widdershoven <>
Subject Re: [RT] Checked exceptions considered harmful
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 17:30:01 GMT
Leo Sutic wrote:

>>meaning: when cleaning out stuff, you shouldn't throw out the real 
>>valuable parts (even if those were the cause that got you in the mess)
>I think you end up with something like:
> + If the thing you are signalling via an Exception could be made
>   into a error return value that the client code *really should 
>   check for* as opposed to *can check for*, then make it a checked 
>   Exception. This ensures that the client code will check for it.
> + If what you are returning is guaranteed to be unrecoverable and
>   stop any processing, throw an Error.
> + Else make it a RuntimeException.
>The whole point with checked Exceptions was to avoid the case when
>lazy programmers didn't properly check for ok return codes.
In stead you are forced to spend 80% of your code handling exceptions. I 
think the thought is
that if you spend all that time write try{}catch(){}finally{} clauses 
you also write someting
in that catch(generally a throw unfortunately, and often a more generic 
one since you don't
waht to throw 3 different exceptions just because you can't (1)Open a 
file for (2) Reading
because the (3)file can not be found. (Did I forget something?)

BTW, I like exceptions - in general - but Java (especially the standard 
libs) make so much use
of them that the effect is more like "Oh no - another one" in stead of 
"Oh yeah - that can happen".


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