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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject [cforms] fixed early field validation. But when should it occur?
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 21:29:54 GMT
Hi all,

Trying to catch up some late reading (yep, nearly one week!), I found 
some questions related to early validation of widget values. Firstly, I 
fixed the problem (introduced just before 2.1.4 was released): 
validation occured at each and every readFromRequest(), which was 
obviously not the expected behaviour! From now on, we're back to 
validation being done only when validate() is called, and also on 

I'm the one who introduced this validation on getValue(), but maybe not 
the way it should be. So let me explain where it came from and let's 
discuss it.

Type safety is an important feature of CForms: the application doesn't 
have to deal with strings sent in the request, but only with object 
types such as date and integers.

Now what about "value safety"? When writing some application code that 
relies on the form values (event listeners, binding, etc), widgets 
should return only correct values, i.e. values that are not only 
syntactically correct (according to the converter), but also 
semantically correct (according to the validators). Or else, we have the 
risk for the application to fail badly simply because it used incorrect 

Now how do we solve this? A solution is that widget.getValue() not only 
does the parsing, but also the validation, and therefore returns a 
non-null value if and only if the input value is successfully parsed and 

This is what is done in Field, with the side effect that calling 
getValue() may set a validation error on the widget even if validate() 
wasn't explicitely called. This side effect is interesting: for example, 
if an event listener couldn't do its job because of a wrong input, the 
offending input is automatically shown to the user. This is examplified 
in the "number fields" section in the "flow1.form" sample.

Now this behaviour can also lead to premature flagging of widgets that 
may not be wanted. An example of this is in the carselector sample (see 
event listeners in the form definition) where we must reset the "make" 
widget value to null because a "getValue" can set a validation error if 
the user chose the null value.

So, although validation _must_ occur when getValue() is called, we may 
want getValidationError() to return null until validate() has actually 
been called.

So the two possible behaviours are:
- as of today (with the fix), have validation errors as the side effect 
of getting the value.
- raise the validation error only if validate() was called, even if 
getValue() does the actual call to the validators.

That second solution will require event-listeners to manually call 
validate() if ever they want to show errors on the widgets they act upon 
to the user.

What do you think?


Sylvain Wallez                                  Anyware Technologies 
{ XML, Java, Cocoon, OpenSource }*{ Training, Consulting, Projects }

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