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From Niels van Kampenhout <>
Subject LuceneIndexTransformer bug?
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 14:29:37 GMT
Using the LuceneIndexTransformer, I discovered that elements containing 
a numeric value are sometimes (not always) not stored by the 
transformer, although the attribute lucene:store has been set to true in 
de input for the transformer.


<blah lucene:store="true">13</blah>

is not stored.

Putting some text in the element results in the element being stored, 
but with only the text as content, not the number!


<blah lucene:store="true">sometext13</blah>

results in

<search:field name="blah">sometext</search:field>

in the search results (13 has disappeared?!?).

I also discovered that this does not happen when the content is in an 
attribute (so this presents a workaround).


<blah content="13" lucene:store="true" lucene:text-attr="content"/>

results in

<search:field name="blah">13</search:field>

in the search results (as it should).

Maybe I have overseen something, but this seems very much like a bug to 
me. Has anyone encountered this problem before?


Hippo Webworks
Herengracht 141
1015 BH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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