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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: [cforms] Radio buttons across repeater
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 07:20:40 GMT

I realize that 'resting my case' is not enough...

some ideas:
this sounds like the operation 'selecting a row' should be an intrinsic 
feature of the repeater-widget

to some extend we already have a means of selecting (multiple) rows by 
putting a checkbox in every row which results in 
repeaterID.rowID.checkBoxID=true (e.g.

in this case we would however need some repeaterID.radioID=rowID

this shows that this selector-variable is not a child of the row, but of 
the repeater itself, furthermore I don't think it is a unique property 
like repeaterID.size since people might want to have more then one 
selection made, no?

maybe this calls for a nested <fd:selectors> in the repeater definition?

<fd:repeater id="contacts" >


Related (but different):
I'm still in preparation mode of the update on the repeater-binding
I've started to develop an idea where 'identity' would be a property of 
the row (which it currently doesn't have) and let the identity binding 
exactly bind its value into that 'space' (still have to crack up some 
nice way to model that, ATM I think a wrapper around a simple arraylist 
would do, having an equals() that checks on every element in the list)

In light of the above we could even consider sending 
repeaterID.radioID=row-identity (which would require to 
serialize-to-string somehow this identity?)


Marc Portier wrote:

> Joerg Heinicke wrote:
>> On 12.03.2004 09:02, Marc Portier wrote:
>>>>> I would like to have a repeater in which each row contains a single 
>>>>> radio button, and where this set of radio buttons constitutes a 
>>>>> group in the form, (i.e. have the same name).
>>>>> Is there a way to do that in Cocoon Forms?
>>> hm, I'm afraid this is not why repeaters are there,
>>> this sounds more like a case of selection-list with radio styling...
>> I thought of the same thing (radio buttons across repeater) when 
>> thinking about my use case:
>> - a person with multiple addresses (=> repeater)
>> - one of these addresses is the main address, that would be selected 
>> for sending letters (=> radio buttons, one in each row)
>> Of course I can do this via an additional widget (selection list), but 
>> I don't find this very intuitive.
>> WDYT?
> I rest my case... thx for making me see
> -marc=

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