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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [RT] - XUL revisited....
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2004 15:45:53 GMT
> Hey, interesting idea!
> I recently investigated a bit the SWF Transformer/Serializer we have in 
> Cocoon to produce dynamically generated Flash, but unfortunately what is 
> provided by Spark isn't really usable as it's mostly composed of 
> <rawdata> tags.
> Anyone having a better experience or some ideas on this?
>> Also a standalone swf file that could be embedded into a html page to
>> display a form for ppl without the IDE. As we all  know flash is not open
>> source, but the swf format is. Im not sure if there are licencing issues
>> with regard to distributing swf file(s) that contains the MM ui 
>> components.
>> Would need to read the EULA carefuly. Even if it was a problem I have 
>> heard
>> there are a group of developers working on open source ui components.
>> Anyway just an idea. I have a few more regarding cocoon & flash 
>> intergration
>> but they can wait for another day.
> Why wait? Ideas are always interesting to share, even more if others can 
> pick them up and implement them.

It's funny, lately I came across this, too :)

When cleaning up some of the blocks I though
we should also get rid of the spark stuff.
It is no longer maintained. Seems like noone
uses it ...maybe also because there is a
(different) proposed way of using XML with

So I though it would be good to create
such a "proposed" sample and deprecated
the swf serializer and generator.

How does that sound?


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