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From Upayavira <>
Subject Re: disabling widgets
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2004 13:33:57 GMT
Leon Widdershoven wrote:

>> - move to a generator approach.
> Do you mean generator-only approach? I think that would limit the 
> options of the users quite a bit (and I am one of those). I actually 
> like the pipeline
> approach so that you can build your XML tree dynamically; if one would 
> move
> to a generator only approach other generator-only functionalities 
> (xsp, though
> that appears to be deprecated) can not really be used anymore.
> As you notice I am not well enough at home in cocoon core matters to 
> really have an opinion, but two months ago when I started using cocoon 
> (and I am working full time with cocoon-2.1.4) the fact that the xsp 
> was a generator only brought me a lot of trouble so I have a bit of a 
> phobia about that.

Sylvain is not proposing to scrap pipelining, just to merge a couple of 
stages. At present, in CForms, you can have:


What is being proposed is to use JXMacros in JXTemplateGenerator to 
implement the functionality of the FormTransformer, so you get:


So, hopefully this scares you less. The template that is being worked 
with is very much an XML one - XML to HTML transformation remains 
steadfastly with XSLT.

Hope that helps.


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