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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Web based GUI development environment for Cocoon
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2004 13:16:14 GMT
Corin Moss wrote:

>This does indeed sound like a very powerful tool.  Can I urge anyone who might be interested
in pursuing this to take a look at XUL (part of the Mozilla project.)  XUL would make complex
data display infinately easier (built in tree views, RDF driven templting - every rich widget
you could imagine.)  I know it's not a technology used within the cocoon core, but it would
make a lot of the development a lot less painful.  The sort of information you're going to
render needs (IMHO) a fairly rich GUI interface - something which becomes unmanageble very
quickly with HTML / Javascript.  XUL provides a toolkit to make such things really easy to
>The project I've been heading for the last few months makes extensive use of RDF driven
XUL (all coming out of cocoon of course ;)  I'd be happy to evangilise directly if anyone
is interested in learning more about XUL + cocoon :)

If you want to evangelize... The best way to evangelize is to show some 
code :-)
Can you implement something on XUL which can be included as part of 
Cocoon examples? Even adding simplest "Hello XUL" to the samples will be 
step forward, and it would be good to see some reach GUI example as well.

Another place where your help would be appreciated is to develop XUL 
view for the CForms.


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