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From Guido Casper <>
Subject Re: [PROP] Repository interface
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2004 11:38:51 GMT
Rolf Kulemann wrote:
> [Related to]
> <quote src="Guido Capser">
> As for WebDAVRepsoitoryVersioningHelper.setVersioned(): I don't think it
> is a good idea to throw an 
> UnsupportedOperationException only under certain conditions.
> </quote>
> Agreed.
> Maybe it makes sense to split setVersioned(String, boolean) into two
> methods
> 1.) setVersioned(String)
> 2.) unsetVersioned(String)
> in order to be more flexible in the implementation decisions?

Why should that be more flexible?

TBH I'm not so sure wether these should be part of the Repository 
interface at all as it looks like being geared towards WebDAV only (but 
I don't know right now).

> <quote src="Guido Capser">
> A setVersioned(uri, false) might be implemented by deleting and  
> recreating the 
> resource (making copies for safety and checking for auto-versioning).
> </quote>
> Ehem, how can I check for auto-versioning?

It's a property of the resource. Wether this property is already set 
upon resource creation usually depends on some server setting.

I just changed the code a little bit. However it's now a little hacky 
and needs completion as after the copy you should check wether the 
destination is version controlled and if that's the case undo the move 
(to keep the old version history) and return false.

I don't know the details of how to check wether a resource is under 
version control right now (would have to check the DeltaV spec).


Guido Casper
S&N AG, Competence Center Open Source
                     Tel.: +49-5251-1581-87
Klingenderstr. 5
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