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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [build system] - Fine grain inclusion of optional libs?
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2004 02:53:24 GMT
On 05.04.2004 02:41, Antonio Gallardo wrote:

> Hi:
> Currently, the optional libs always are copied to the resulted build.
> Seems like it is the same as puting them in lib/core dir. That apporach is
> not good at all. I would like to see an extension of the current Cocoon
> build system that will check if every optional lib need to be included or
> not.

Based on what information? At the moment libs are added in dependency on 
selected blocks. The optional libs are in use in different blocks. So 
you either have to double them by putting one jar in block 1 and block 
2, or only in block 1 and let depend block 2 on block 1 (which is 
completely painful as there is mostly no need for this 
inter-block-dependency), or put each optional jar in its own block and 
let the blocks needing this jar depend on the jar's block. Some optional 
jars are not even tight to any block, e.g. servlet.jar or pizza 
compiler, they are just optional (chosen environment, chosen compiler). 
Furthermore these are only 13 jars. IMO it's not worth any of the effort.

BTW, jstyle.jar might be only be of interest for the xsp block, so it 
can possibly be moved to this block.


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