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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [Vote] notation of blocks selection properties
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 22:28:22 GMT
On 01.04.2004 22:00, Tim Larson wrote:

> Likewise. BTW, am I missing something or can these two options be
> made completely compatible, as in:
>   include=true   ==  exclude=false


>   include=false  ==  exclude=true



<condition property="exclude.block.blockname">
     <istrue value="${include.block.blockname}"/>

If local config contains exclude, the above is not evaluated (properties 
can not be reset).

exclude.block.blockname is therefore the old unless.exclude.block.blockname.

exclude=false would not work then because in @unless and @if Ant looks 
only if the property is set, not to which value. So exclude=false would 
be interpreted the same way as exclude=true.

Now I could imagine the following:

<condition property="exclude.block.blockname">
     <istrue value="${include.block.blockname}"/>

<condition property="unless.exclude.block.blockname">
   <istrue value="${exclude.block.blockname}"/>

But I don't think that I really like this.


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