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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: excluding unstable blocks by default
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 19:54:41 GMT

Joerg Heinicke wrote:

> On 01.04.2004 15:00, wrote:
>> + ! Exclude unstable blocks from the default build
>> + + Edit the file and exclude all unstable blocks.
>> + Since it's a release they should not get compiled by default.
> What about a vote on this? I'm -0.1 on excluding unstable blocks by 
> default. And Vadim is working on th refactoring of the blocks samples 
> page in dependency on the stable/unstable status. This should give the 
> most prominent hint to users about block's status.
> Joerg

I'm +1 on excluding deprecated as well as the unstable ones

some argumentation:
- I don't believe in the counter-argument that people will mark their 
pet-block 'stable' just for the marketing of it... it might increase the 
pressure to make it stable, but that would more likely IMHO result in 
more pinned down roadmaps that actually state wich objectives to be 
reached before block X can be considered stable.

- more importantly I think trimming down cocoon will prepare our 
userbase for what is to come with the real blocks.  Obliging them 
already today to actively select some blocks will lower the surprise for 
a setup where they will almost certainly will need to do that?

- it's more rewarding to write docs about enabling stuff then about 
disabling stuff: the latter never get read nor applied :-)

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