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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: [Javaflow] - Recalling a contianuation throws a NPE
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 11:12:43 GMT

Stephan Michels dijo:
> Uhmm, yes, you know that you C&P the uri of an POST request? So in this
> case all request parameters get lost, and you got a
> NullPointerException.

Yes it can look weird the idea of C&P this URI, but in the real life we
can find similar cases. Suppose I need to send the URI to someone to view
the same as me. i.e.: Desk support. In this case they will not see the
same as you.

BTW, I was following the the discussion between Christopher Oliver and
you. It is very interesting an remember us the need to know deep inside
the used programming languages. :-D

Are you trying to make Groovy continuations? I also want to see them work.
I need here help in this. AFAIK, you are one of the people good know the
Java continuation code.

I am trying to make Groovy Flow Engine inside the JavaFlow Block. Because
thy are too close and I think they can share the same continuation base. I
already configured the Groovy calculator sample. Not sure if it will work,
but it is just a initial draft. If you want, I can post the code to the

I also copied the JavaInterpreted to GroovyInterpreted and changed some
little things inside, nothing important, but work needed to be done too

I was reviewing the continuation code to identify the insertion point once
the Groovy class was compiled and loaded in memory. My idea is to write
additional method in "ContinuationClassLoader" to load the requiered
Groovy class.

Also there is meet another interesting issue. Under "Dynamically loading
and running Groovy code inside Java" in:

While loading Groovy class we also need to know that a Groovy class can be
of both types defined. See in

1-"Classes" - Classes are defined in Groovy similarly to Java.
2-"Scripts" - Groovy support plain scripts (as the Javascript case).

Not sure how it will work under both, but I think we need to support both.
Maybe I am breaking my head with this without a valid reason, but this is
the price for not not know the internals of JavaFlow block. :-(

Are you willing to give me a hand? :-D

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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