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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Modular database component
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2004 09:30:40 GMT
Le 19 avr. 04, à 11:08, Reinhard Poetz a écrit :
> ...I have to think more about the API of this component but first I 
> want to talk more about the background of my idea. I had several 
> discussions with Alex Schatten and we came to the conclusion that, 
> generally spoken, there are two database usage scenarios:
> 1. Enterprise Level

Where you need java code and/or O/R mapping tools, no question about 

> 2. Simple database applications
>    Usually very small projects where you need only a few 'interactive' 
> pages.
> If you are familiar with O/R-mapping tools I always recommend them, 
> also in scenario two...

Ok, but our users lists shows clearly that many people are doing stuff 
directly in SQL, for various reasons, including the welcome 
"transparency" of SQL when doing simple things.

And I'd add a third category

3. Read-only database publishing or mining applications

Where you do no transactions, only queries, and where O/R mapping does 
not bring much to the SQL -> XML -> whatever chain.

> ...IMO there are users who don't want to write programmes at all. They 
> prefer XML declarations. So the question is 'How can we support 
> them?'.

Don't you think many of these users would prefer writing simple scripts 
rather than XML declarations?

But I'm thinking more about providing an alternative to the ESQL / 
SQLTransformer stuff, maybe you're seeing things from a different point 
of view?

> ...WDOT? Maybe we should collect some proposals and then poll our 
> users? might be better to come up with examples or use-cases of what 
you think a ModularDatabaseComponent could be so that people can judge 
on code. Otherwise I'm afraid a pool could lead to much talk without a 
concrete outcome.

Unfortunately I currently lack the time to work seriously on the 
Groovy/DB stuff. I'll try to not talk too much about it until something 
usable is here ;-)


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