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From peter royal <>
Subject Allowing redirects in handle-errors
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 16:16:43 GMT
Yes, resurfacing a topic from last year, 
.. a change I voted -1 on at the time, no less!

He's my current situation, and afaik, a redirect in handle-errors is 
what I need, but I may be wrong.

For a particular segment of my application, I am storing the 
continuation ID for flow as a request parameter in the URL.

If a URL with an invalid continuation ID is invoked, I would like to 
take the user to the start of the process rather than displaying an 
error page. AFAIK, this needs a redirect-to in the handle-errors block. 
I can think of several ways of working around this block, but I was 
curious as to what others do in this situation, and if might warrant a 
revote on the change :)

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