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From Stephan Michels <>
Subject RE: build failed on JavaFlow in current CVS HEAD
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2004 14:29:33 GMT
Am Do, den 29.04.2004 schrieb um 15:17:
> Stefano and Bruno, 
> thanks for the explanation. I'm probably more of a "hobby programmer" for
> not knowing the details on class loaders. :-( More study to do then.
> Reading your explanation I agree that it sounds obvious that there should be
> another bcel version around, but it gets weirder: I have 1 Cocoon CVS
> repository (which I had just updated), which I keep "clean" (i.e. no local
> modifications), no default CLASSPATH setting (Windows XP) and I just ran the
> default "build clean", "build" in the root of the CVS repository. So if
> there's another BCEL around, it should be somewhere in the Cocoon CVS tree.
> :-( I've searched high and low, but I could only find one
> (jakarta-bcel*.jar).

I got similar problems in the past, because I use the IBM jvm, which
comes with xalan including bcel. All hidden under a simple 
xml.jar. What a f**k!


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