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From Rolf Kulemann <>
Subject Re: Repository support for property queries (DASL?)
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 09:30:42 GMT
On Mon, 2004-04-12 at 21:34, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Gianugo Rabellino wrote:
> > MHO? I really feel uncomfortable with the repository abstraction as a 
> > whole since, after all, it has to be somehow modeled into webdav. I'm 
> > fine with it as long as it's lightweight enough, but for more serious 
> > needs I'd much rather wait for JSR170 to come out.
> FYI, ETA for the reference implementation of JSR170 (aka JCR) in 
> slide/proposals/jcrri is 2/4 weeks.

Does that mean, the code/binaries can not be used before that time? If
it is already available, from where can I get a jsr170Impl.jar or sth.??

> The current state of affairs is that JCR will support two query 
> languages: a SQL-like called JCRQL and a sub/superset of XPath. Both are 
> optional, and a container has to include at least one of them to be 
> compliant.

Sounds satisfactory.

> Now, don't shoot the pianist.

What the hell does this mean? :)

> This is what the group came out with, not what I personally like.
> The idea is to fix problems with the spec in the reference 
> implementation ;-)

Lenya needs a kind of repository to base on. 
AFAICS, there are the following possibilities for the Lenya community:

- WebDAV using apaches webdavlib directly, which is not that bad, imho
since all our requirements are more or less met, but is not that
"highlevel" as jsr170.

- Using Slide direct, which can not propose since Lenya will be bound to
Slide repositry only

- Use one of Cocoon's "various" repository blocks, which, to be honest,
are not useable, since they "all" seem to be incomplete in our sense. i
tested the "new" repository interface and the WebDAV impl. and it seems
quite ok, but it lacks searching support. And as I see this is a "barrel
without bottom".

- Use jsr170, which at the mom makes most sense to me in theory. I would
need to play with the a reference impl. or so in order to see "how it
feels like"

To summarize:

We need to decide to rely on WebDAV or JSR170. At the mom cocoon's rep.
interface are not meeting the requirements the lenya people have, imho.


what is ur current opinion concerning Lenya and using a repository??? I
mean which way should we go/follow in ur opinion?


    Rolf Kulemann

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