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From Stephan Michels <>
Subject Re: [Javaflow] - Recalling a contianuation throws a NPE
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 13:29:00 GMT
Am Di, den 06.04.2004 schrieb Antonio Gallardo um 13:12:
> Hi:
> Stephan Michels dijo:
> > Uhmm, yes, you know that you C&P the uri of an POST request? So in this
> > case all request parameters get lost, and you got a
> > NullPointerException.
> Yes it can look weird the idea of C&P this URI, but in the real life we
> can find similar cases. Suppose I need to send the URI to someone to view
> the same as me. i.e.: Desk support. In this case they will not see the
> same as you.

Hmm, yes, but this problem has nothing to do with the NPE. And the
javascript flow has the same problem. The problem can be solve by
sending a redirect to a new continuation id. And in this new
continuation you store the execution after processing the request
parameter of the previuos request.

> BTW, I was following the the discussion between Christopher Oliver and
> you. It is very interesting an remember us the need to know deep inside
> the used programming languages. :-D

Yes, I learned a lot by writing the javaflow. 

> Are you trying to make Groovy continuations? I also want to see them work.
> I need here help in this. AFAIK, you are one of the people good know the
> Java continuation code.

No, I'm not writing Groovy continuations. I will not replace one script
language by an other script language. The reason to write the javaflow
was to use java instead of javascript. 

> I am trying to make Groovy Flow Engine inside the JavaFlow Block. Because
> thy are too close and I think they can share the same continuation base. I
> already configured the Groovy calculator sample. Not sure if it will work,
> but it is just a initial draft. If you want, I can post the code to the
> CVS.

Hmm, why not, but then you should add another directory like

> I also copied the JavaInterpreted to GroovyInterpreted and changed some
> little things inside, nothing important, but work needed to be done too
> :-D
> I was reviewing the continuation code to identify the insertion point once
> the Groovy class was compiled and loaded in memory. My idea is to write
> additional method in "ContinuationClassLoader" to load the requiered
> Groovy class.

I try to assemble a different concept in my head. Something I call
ClassLoaderPipelines. So, you can conect different ClassLoader for

ReloadingClassLoader -> CompilingClassLoader -> GroovyClassLoader ->

To make this possible you must replace findResource() instead of
loadClass(), because you can't uncompile classes, change them, define

> 1-"Classes" - Classes are defined in Groovy similarly to Java.
> 2-"Scripts" - Groovy support plain scripts (as the Javascript case).
> Not sure how it will work under both, but I think we need to support both.
> Maybe I am breaking my head with this without a valid reason, but this is
> the price for not not know the internals of JavaFlow block. :-(

The instrumention of the classes by the ContinuationClassLoader should
be interesting. The instrumented classes should also work without
that any Continuation is registered for the current Thread.

> Are you willing to give me a hand? :-D

Yes, will help you as much as I can.


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