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From "luke hubbard" <>
Subject Re: [RT] - XUL revisited....
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2004 14:32:21 GMT

Sylvain Wallez wrote:
> "if we have the control"... Unfortunately, 90% of people out there use

98% of people out there have Flash Player. :)
Flash is installed on most machines, it can load and parse xml, and has a
wide range of ui components. It would be great if we could create a flash
component to render cforms that could be used from within the flash IDE.
Also a standalone swf file that could be embedded into a html page to
display a form for ppl without the IDE. As we all  know flash is not open
source, but the swf format is. Im not sure if there are licencing issues
with regard to distributing swf file(s) that contains the MM ui components.
Would need to read the EULA carefuly. Even if it was a problem I have heard
there are a group of developers working on open source ui components.

Anyway just an idea. I have a few more regarding cocoon & flash intergration
but they can wait for another day.
Im not against XUL, think it would be the right choice for some apps.
Would be cool to have multiple cforms styling options.


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