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From Johan Stuyts <>
Subject Re: Response to workflow
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 16:52:37 GMT
On Thu, 18 Mar 2004 00:19:09 +0100, Michael Wechner 
<> wrote:

> Johan Stuyts wrote:
>> I view choosing for Lenya workflow as choosing to build/use a 
>> Cocoon-independent solution (with an adapter to make it accessible in 
>> Cocoon) instead of building a solution using Cocoon-specific 
>> technology. There are a number of existing implementations which can be 
>> used as a starting point for a Cocoon-independent solution. I feel 
>> other implementations are more mature than Lenya workflow and will be a 
>> better choice to use as a starting point. I think OSWorkflow is a good 
>> option, but jBpm looks very promising (I suggest to give the demo a 
>> try). Both these technologies are license-compatible with Cocoon.
> yes, from a license point of view the choice seems to come down to
> jBpm
> OSWorkflow
> Lenya
> Maybe we should try to characterize the differences and similarities 
> within
> the Wiki in order to get a better picture (at least I need to do this 
> for myself ;-)

Good idea, I have made a start: 
Michael, could you add the information about Lenya workflow? If anybody 
thinks a property/capability or implementation is missing, please add it 
to the table.

At Hippo we are interested in how Stefano's implementation using Flow 
would look like, and how Peter's implementation using XSLT would look 
like. Could you post a sample of how you expect the code would look like 
if the framework was already there? Thanks.

I won't be able to respond to messages the next two weeks fortunately. I 
will be on holiday in (hopefully) sunny Turkey. I'll be back April 5.

> Makes sense?
> Michi
>>> +1 to start with Lenya workflow.
>>> Guido
>>> (How long until Andreas returns from vacation? :-)
>>>> Michi

Johan Stuyts

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