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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: OJB Sample is broken.
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2004 13:00:41 GMT
Jeroen Reijn <jreijn <at>> writes:

> while trying the OJB block i ran into some problems with the sitemap. (
> I used the latest cvs checkout ).
> During the refactoring from woody to cocoon forms something went wrong i
> guess.
> I made some corrections to the sitemap to make it work.

Hello Jeroen,

thank you very much for your spotting and patching this sitemap. This error was
caused by some forth-and-back naming caused by me. When fixing this finally I
forgot the OJB block as I looked only into the dependent blocks petstore and

> <map:transform src="context://samples/forms/xsl/html/forms-default.xsl"/>
> Someone is going to create this last xslt I figure (or has allready has)
> but hasn't checked it into CVS.

This forms-default.xsl is the old one and should no longer be used. I deleted it
yesterday (or the day before?) and it's good to know that it was wrongly in use

Should work now again.



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