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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [QVote] Where to put licenses?
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2004 13:29:15 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler <cziegeler <at>> writes:

> Actually we have more important things to do than discussing
> where the licenses should be stored.
> But as it shouldn't be *just me* deciding this, just a quick 
> vote about it.
> From a users POV putting all in the legal directory makes
> more sense than to put it next to each jar file.
> So, if noone is against it, I will move all of them into
> the legal directory again.
> Please respond only if you're against it.

Sorry, in the last days I only read the most mails without any
participating in discussions. Maybe I should not add my comment
to a vote thread but here it is:

IMO it's not that important where the licenses are stored though
it might be a help for the users, but who checks all the licenses
before using a package? The Apache brand and Apache's license
policies almost assure that I can use the package without "any"
restrictions. I only have to stay compatible to the Apache license

So the developer's part remain: Important is the file ending. It
should at least be one for all as it is .license at the moment,
.license.txt might be even better.

I'm ok with having a license for every jar, the possible different
release times for subpackages like Avalon Excalibur even seem to
make this necessary.

But what I absolutely don't like is the adding of the package version
to the license file. What's it for? A comparison between
package-xyz-1.23.45.jar and package-xyz.license.txt can also be done
without any problem. It's useless remove and readd of files to CVS IMO.
Adding this logic to the test script/check-jars.xsl/gump or what ever
is much more clever.


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