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From Jean Pierre LeJacq <>
Subject Re: WebDAV status in cocoon
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2004 14:54:04 GMT
On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, Unico Hommes wrote:

> Jean Pierre LeJacq wrote on 17-3-2004 15:26:
> > client.  In particular, I simply wasn't able to get Windows XP
> > to work with slide which, unfortunately, was a must for me.
> There are known issues on with windows webfolders but this is not
> due to Slide.

Agreed.  However, lack of interoperability significantly limits the
possible use of slide.  It would be useful if slide could accomodate
the shortcomings of the windows webdav implementation.

> > I simply couldn't get the cocoon slide block to work.
> Could you give more details as to what went wrong? Did the samples
> not work?

It compiled fine.  I could upload and download files.  I could
create collections and navigate through them.  I could not
view any of the files (error:  Could not display content) or figure
out a way of downloading them.  I could not establish a lock (error:
null pointer exception).

Lack of download capability was the killer for me.

Slide looks promising but without a bit more documentation I was not
able to start debugging the problems I ran into.


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