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From Mark Lundquist>
Subject This has got to be a BUG.
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2004 20:59:13 GMT

OK, I am sure this is a bug in 2.1.4 and 2.1.5_dev:

1) Bring up the /samples/forms/v2/example page.

2) Type some garbage into the "IP Address" input field.

3) Click the "Add contact" or "Remove selected contacts" button at the 
bottom of the page.

The page will redisplay indicating a validation failure, even though 
the button pressed was an <fd:action>.

Does this prove that action widgets are broken?  This is from one of 
the out-of-the-box samples, with no modifications.  I can see how this 
is supposed to work... from org.apache.cocoon.forms.formmodel.Action:

     protected void handleActivate() {

...and I've confirmed in my own application that <fd:submit 
validate="false"> does behave correctly!  So could this be a bug in the 
READ_FROM_REQUEST ProcessingPhase, then?

When I asked this on the users list (before I came up with the sample 
demonstration above), Joerg and Upayavira both suggested I use 
'validate="false"'.  It wasn't clear that Joerg realized I was talking 
about action widgets and not submit widgets, but Upayavira definitely 
knew.  Can someone please definitively confirm for me that the 
'validate' attribute does not have an effect for <fd:action>?  I tried 
it and it doesn't make any difference; the Wiki documents it for  
<fd:submit> only, and it states flatly that action widgets do not 
trigger validation; and I can find nothing in the CForms source code to 
give any encouragement to the idea that actions are sensitive to a 
"validate" attribute.


P.S. — I know I've cried "wolf" a few times on the users list — not 
with bug claims, just the usual "what am I doing wrong?" questions — 
only to reply to my own post shortly thereafter because it turned out 
to be some silly thing that I figured out.  Very lame, I know, and I 
hope I haven't spent all my "help" tokens on the user list :-/... but 
this really does look like a bug to me.  I hedged and didn't Bugzilla 
it myself, because I don't want to create a spurious bug report, so if 
I am way out in left-field on this, then my apologies for cluttering up 
the dev list.  Thanks once again for a wonderful product.

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