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From leo leonid <>
Subject Re: XSP block status
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2004 17:24:17 GMT

I just updated my projects from woody to cocoon forms (absolutely 
painless, BTW). Unfortunately now most of my projects are broken 
anyhow, because they use XSP (ESQL), and I was not aware of the XSP 
refactoring going on :(

Was it just a bad moment for CVS-update or does the move of XSP to its 
own block affect existing projects? Where do I have to pay attention?

On Mar 10, 2004, at 7:24 PM, Unico Hommes wrote:

> There remain a few issues that need resolving.
> - InputModuleAction had to move along with xsp because it has a 
> dependency on some xsp helper class. This is unfortunate and maybe 
> unnecessary. Perhaps someone with more knowledge about this class 
> could take a look and see if they can solve this?
> - Source samples. Some use xsp's. Move these to xsp block or remove 
> them altogether?
> - I18n samples. Needs volunteer.
> - simpleform samples. Needs volunteer.
> - session-fw patches are executed before xsp patches but depend on 
> them. Move xsp specific stuff from session-fw to xsp.
> - some blocks have dependencies on xsp. These need to be declared.
> Stephan, does that about cover it?
> --
> Unico

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