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From "Corin Moss" <>
Subject Blocking poolable datasource bug?
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2004 00:02:51 GMT

Hi Guys,

Before I submit a bug report, I though I'd quickly ask if anyone has
experienced similar behaviour, I've noticed a few postings in the user
group talking about similar things:

I'm using Oracle 9i (9.1.2) with the role for my datasource set to use
ResourceLimitingJdbcDataSource.  I've noticed that under load test when
I have max-strict set to true, and I reach the maximum number of pooled
connections (for example 100) connections are never released back into
the pool, even after the query has executed and returned.  Up until the
maximum is returned the connections are released into the pool properly.
By setting max-strict to false I do not experience this  - every
connection is put back into the pool.  If I hit (for example) 150 pooled
connections, the number of objects in the pool will drop as utilisation

It would seem that the blocking thread is not un-blocking, even when a
connection is returned. I haven't dived into the code enough to
understand why this might be happening. I'm not sure if this is because
of something that Oracle is doing,  although this would seem unlikely,
as it is fine when the pool can grow.

So, does anyone have any insight on this? Or should I just go ahead and
submit a bug? :)



Corin Moss
Lead Developer
TVNZ Interactive

+64 9 916 7367
+64 21 403 054

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