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From "roy huang" <>
Subject [CForm]two question/suggestion about multi-value field
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2004 11:34:37 GMT
I was a Notes programmer,when I tried to migrate my application to cocoon using cocoon form,I
found multi-value field is a problem.I pick two question or suggestion here:
1.In cocoon form multi-value field rendered as listbox or others,but if you want to enter
in a text input,the value is single.Can/Should cocoon form provide multi-value field as text
input,using separator like "," or ";" to separate the multi-value?
2.Sometime we need to just display multi-value as text like <wd:output>,but I only found
binding can only bind multivalue-field with multi-value(only in cvs now).Can/Should cocoon
form provide multi-value binding to output widget?Xml source like that:
a.xml data
b.multi-value field 
<wd:multivaluefield id="...">
<wd:output id="...">
    <wd:separator> </wd:separator>

Roy Huang
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