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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: [RT] On building on stone
Date Fri, 26 Mar 2004 13:58:09 GMT
On 26 Mar 2004, at 11:57, Leo Sutic wrote:
> Think about TCP/IP. You have guaranteed delivery of packets (which
> you don't have with UDP). Completely guaranteed? No. A chopped-off
> network cable is not something that the protocol can handle. But
> still very useful.

The TCP/IP is a good example...

To use the same parallel, when I open a TCP connection I am guaranteed 
that I'm going to get a Socket object (to use Java) I can use. But the 
platform doesn't guarantee me that its InputStream or OutputStream are 
going to be valid forever, they might throw IOExceptions, and the 
socket itself can be in a connected or disconnected status (you're 
never guaranteed).

You go usually until you don't hit an IOException on the streams (or 
isConnected() returns true), but then you'll have (somehow) to handle 
that state change which you don't control...

Wirings between blocks behave in the same way, you go until one of the 
methods you call doesn't return an exception, or until the wiring is 
available (err, you can check on that), no more, no less as you would 
do with a Socket.

Plus (I think) if a component is allowed to programmatically declare 
its locking to other blocks, I'm absolutely sure that 2 days down the 
line we're going to have people complaining about:

Them: "I tried to reload that block, but it didn't"
Us: "What does the exception say?"
Them: "Well it says unable to reload because of active lock from 
Us: (look at source code of MyBlock and see that someone wrote lock() 
into it)

If component locking needs to be performed, it needs to be a framework 
feature unaccessible to components, otherwise it will be abused of.

In the framework, it's easier... At deployment time say to the deployer 
that the block is "locked" and the framework will never reload it, and 
all other blocks requiring it, will be "guaranteed" that they won't 
loose references to the components, even if I simply don't see the 


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