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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: [RT] On building on stone
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2004 14:36:56 GMT
On 23 Mar 2004, at 14:25, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> Thus the proposal to write and maintain our own, in order to finally, 
> once and for all, build on stone and escape the social quicksands in 
> core depenendies.

Makes perfect sense to me. I guess we should look at our current 
investment in ECM knowledge & code, look at Pier's alternative, and 
basically decide and JFDI. We gave Avalon a loyal "customer" to deal 
with in the past, but there never was a life-time engagement contract. 
We already missed various new container efforts over @ Avalon, and I'm 
confident we now know what we need and are able to build it ourselves 
in the (new) core of Cocoon. Given the flurry of new containers out 
there, I think people are demonstrating that container development is 
not rocket science - and since it's core to Cocoon's operations, it's 
sensible to deal with that ourselves.

There will be aspects of backward-compatibility to deal with, which we 
can deal with by providing compatibility layers, or by just going for 
Cocoon 3.0. 2.1 is there, it's solid and used a lot, and if there's 
consensus that innovation should not be hindered by compatibility, we 
can simply vote and start 3.0. I would humbly suggest not to change the 
syntax of the sitemap into Lisp, though. ;-)

> Fire at will: I have my abstesto underwear on.

I honestly see no reason why. Thanks for biting the bullet, and even 
more thanks to step up and agree to do part of the coding effort. I 
hope many will join you.

Steven Noels                  
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