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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: [RT] Groovy in Cocoon?
Date Wed, 31 Mar 2004 06:26:34 GMT
Hi Antonio,

I've been watching Groovy for a while, and share your feelings that it 
could be a very welcome addition to the Cocoon toolset.

> ...1-Allowing write Groovy code inside Cocoon....

The BSF already supports Groovy, and we have a BSF block (which I know 
little about), so something must be possible already.

And when you see the nice ways in which Groovy can generate XML or make 
SQL queries, it sounds like Groovy could play well with Cocoon, given 
the right interfaces.

> ...2-Groovy Flow Engine.
> AFAIK, Groovy lacks of continuation support. This is the really main 
> point
> in a Flow Engine. But seeing that Groovy ends to Java bytecode, then 
> maybe
> the current new JavaFlow Block (thanks again to Stephen and Torsten) 
> can
> come to the rescue....

Yes, this is certainly possible.

> I am seriously thinking in replace Java(Script) Flow
> Engine with a Groovy Flow Engine. It will be a great move....

Hmmm...technically I tend to agree but we must be careful to stay 
focused on one official tool for Flow and Forms. The last months have 
shown that clearly adopting one recommended way of doing things helps 
our users a lot.

Of course, having additional experimental stuff in parallel is great, 
but IMHO we shouldn't jump to conclusions until the technical proof is 

OTOH I'm definitely convinced that the combination of

a) java
b) a good scripting language
c) powerful presentation tools

is killer for development today. Cocoon provides a) and c) but is IMHO 
a bit lacking or fragmented regarding b). Having the same scripting 
language everywhere (instead of javascript + XSP + others) would be a 
Good Thing in my opinion.

So, like you, I'm convinced that Groovy can play a very important role 
in Cocoon in the future. The first steps might be to write some 
examples in the bsf block, or write a Groovy block which is more 
tightly integrated, see [1]. I'm thinking (dreaming?) of Groovy-based 
Generators, Transformers and Serializers for example, I don't know if 
this is possible with the bsf block as it stands.


[1] James Strachan's comment on Groovy and the BSF

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