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From "DURDINA Michal" <>
Subject [portal] JSR168 portlets problems under PortalEngine
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2004 17:33:38 GMT
I found some problems while running jakarta-pluto testsuite under CocoonPortalEngine. I would
like to report them and offer help if needed.

1. test2.jsp: Call to portalContext.getSupportedWindowStates() returns null.

2. test2.jsp: Call to renderRequest.getParameter("testName") returns null after 2.nd and every
other render() was called. Portlet container should preserve request parameters sent upon request for every subsequent call of render() in the portlet which was not target of
the subsequent client request (JSR-168spec chap. 11.1.1 ยง3). But jakarta-pluto is also doing
this, so it's not exactly cocoon problem. 

3. test3.jsp: Submit to url created by renderResponse.createRenderURL(); url.setWindowState(WindowState.MAXIMIZED);
changes correctly return value of renderRequest.getWindowState() to "maximized", but the portlet
window actually does not maximize. By contrast when submit to url with WindowState.MINIMIZED
is executed, the portlet windows minimizes but stays minimized forever - I could not get it
to normal size by clicking window icons.

4. test4.jsp: Simmilar to point 2. but at this time parameters set by _action_ are not preserved.
When testing in jakarta-pluto, they are.

My testing env:
cocoon-portal block build from CVS (04.march.2003)
jakarta-testuite built from CVS (04.march.2003)


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