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From "DURDINA Michal" <>
Subject RE: [portal] JSR168 portlets problems under PortalEngine
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2004 08:37:15 GMT
I found some more issues about running JSR-168 portlets in the Cocoon Portal. 

1. There is one serious problem with IncludingHTMLSerializer when serializing 2 and more portlets
whose are interleaved with bigger amount of HTML markup. Serialization is carried out in blocks
of 8Kb and ReplacingOutputStream.write is called after every block is ready. The portlet iterator
created from the orderedPortletList on the first call of writeNext() is later broken by following
calls of orderedPortletList.add() when more portlets are being added to the orderedPortletList
at startElement(). As a result the java.util.ConcurrentModification exception occurs on the
next call of 
More at bug description:

2. Pluto container embedded in Cocoon Portal requires several services (SPI) to be implemented
by portal. PropertyManagerService service is used for setting and getting vendor specific
information by portlets via PortletResponse.setProperty(), but this service is not implemented
by Cocoon Portal. That would be ok because this service is optional but cocoon throws CascadingRuntimeException
"Unable to lookup service key" what
prevents portlet to be started.


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