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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Cocoon's Rhino+continuations fork
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2004 19:51:04 GMT
On 09 Mar 2004, at 19:38, Brian Behlendorf wrote:

> On Mon, 8 Mar 2004, Steven Noels wrote:
>> This is troubled partly by the license status of Rhino itself. Upon
>> personal investigation a while ago, I found some source files which
>> where licensed using the NPL1.1
>> (
>> javascript/, while others used the newer MPL1.1
>> (
>> javascript/ I think it is safe to state that the
>> intended overall license of Rhino was the tri-license combo MPL 
>> 1.1/GPL
>> 2.0/LGPL 2.1 - which seems to be OK for redistribution as a library
>> with an ASF project according to the unofficial ASF license FAQ @
> No.  No no no.  You may not relicense MPL or NPL software under the 
> Apache
> license, whether 1.1 or 2.0, unless you (or the collective-you) are the
> copyright holders.

Just to get this point clear: we never suggested that we could simply 
change the license of Rhino as non-copyright holders, and "just make it 
ASL". I was thinking that the license terms of the MPL1.1 (which seems 
to be the more liberal of the tri-license) didn't impose any extra 
requirements outside the ASL scope for projects shipping a *library* 
version of Rhino or a derivate of Rhino.

It has never been the intention to move the sourcecode of Chris' fork 
to ASF CVS - not only because of legal and ownership issues, but 
primarily because it ain't a community project. The intention was to 
find legal clarity for the sourcecode of the forked version, hosted 
*outside* ASF CVS - and to check out whether we could ship a compiled 
and packaged library version of (a forked version of) Rhino with 

At the same time, we are interested in convergence with the Rhino trunk 
version, but I'm afraid that (a) we would be the only folks interested 
in seeing continuations inside Rhino ATM, and (b) no-one is 
volunteering to do the painful refactoring & remerging anyhow. And 
while we were at it, we figured to kindly nag the Rhino folks to change 
their license to the same level of liberality as ours.

Admittedly, interlocking all these actions brings a whole lot of 
problems together.

(OT for the non-ASF folks:) You seem to suggest that inclusion of 
non-ASL-licensed library dependencies inside ASF distributions should 
be deprecated, favoring a CPAN or FreeBSD ports -like mechanism 
instead. This will definitely lower the ease of use for end-users, 
which have been complaining already that we don't ship a binary 
distribution of Cocoon, let alone that we would ship a download which 
requires them to either hunt down additional packages themselves, or 
have an internet connection when installing Cocoon.

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